10 tips for Low GI eating

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1 Eat foods in their natural state whenever possible

Cooking foods raises their GI rating because it makes them easier to digest. For example raw carrots are 35 (low GI) but cooked carrots are 65 (moderate GI).

2 Eat foods that are harder to digest

The harder a food is to digest, the longer it takes to convert to sugars. Your blood sugar levels will remain stable and you minimise the amount of food that is converted to fat.

3 Eat foods that are high in fibre

Fibre helps with a feeling of fullness. Also, the higher the fibre the slower the digestive process and therefore it will generally have a low GI.

4 Don’t use artificial sweeteners

Aspartame causes unstable blood sugar levels, which increases appetite and causes cravings for sweets and sugar. The liver is put under strain because it has the job of breaking down or metabolising aspartame to its toxic components. Artificial sweeteners may slow the fat-burning process by confusing the normal chemical signals to the brain that are associated with sweet tastes.

5 Don’t eat fried foods

Fried foods stress the pancreas and have been proven to increase risks for heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancer.

6 Avoid white foods

There are exceptions, but in general white foods are high GI. They are easy to digest and contain very little fibre. Make substitutions for low GI foods, for example substitute Basmati rice (low GI) for Jasmine rice (high GI).

7 Drink plenty of water

Water is vital for cleansing your body and maintaining proper hormonal balance. Without it your body cannot function properly.

8 Eat small meals every 3-4 hours

This will keep your blood sugar balanced. If you skip meals your body will perceive a state of starvation and reduce the rate at which you convert your stored fats.

9 Don’t mix methods

The low GI method of eating is simple and easy to implement via a process of substitution. You substitute a high GI food with a low GI food. There is nothing to count or calculate. Don’t mix methods. For example, don’t count calories if you are eating low GI.

10 Make a commitment to yourself to be healthy for life

This is vitally important. Low GI eating is not a diet you adopt for a short period of time until you can fit into a particular item of clothing. The focus is on lifestyle change which can be maintained over time. The benefits of good health and vitality are the ultimate prize.

Want more information on low GI foods? Go to www.glycemicindex.com for a list of foods and their GI. You will also find some great low GI recipes at http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/collections/low+gi

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