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Food doesn’t “burn fat”, food is what makes you fat, right?

Not necessarily. Food can burn fat, or food can turn to fat. The secret lies in choosing the right foods that optimise your body’s metabolic and hormonal fat buring machinery.

However, first you must address the psychological factors. You must reframe the way you look at and perceive food. What does food MEAN to you? What images, and emotions, do you associate with food? What do you think food is for???

If you’re struggling with body fat, I can almost guarantee that you’re thinking about food in the wrong way. You may be thinking of food like this:

Food is only for my own pleasure and “tastebud satisfaction”.
Food is the only thing that makes me feel better when I’m feeling bad.
Food is primarily for social occasions.

These are just a few common beliefs about food that may be programming you for failure.

Yes, it is true that food can be one of life’s pleasure and is a focal point for social and family occasions. The trouble is that when that’s the only thing food means to you, and you fail to realise the amazing power of food to transform your body and your health.

I want to suggest a shift in your mental patterns and thoughts when it comes to food. You must redefine or “reframe” what food means to you.  Here are four of the beliefs to adopt if you want this to work for you:

1. Food is for boosting energy (food is fuel)
2. Food is for building muscle (food is construction material)
3. Food is for burning fat (food is a metabolic stimulator)
4. Food is for creating optimal health (food provides essential nutrients).

When you adopt these four beliefs about food as your dominant thinking, I assure you there will be a profound difference in your behaviours and your results. If you don’t adopt these beliefs as your dominant thought patterns I can assure you that no diet or workout will ever be of much use to you because you will continue to trip over your own self limiting beliefs.

When you reframe what food means to you, it is often remarkable how quickly you stop wanting foods that are not good for you (and you learn how to achieve a healthy balance between social and “for taste” eating and eating to develop your body). Most people struggle with food and emotional eating issues their entire lives, so they believe food is their biggest problem……

The truth is: Food is not your problem. Food is your solution. Once this realisation hits you, then you are ready to learn the specifics about what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat and how often to eat in order to burn fat.


Information in this newsletter was extracted from an article by Tom Venuto. I’ve found Tom’s advice to be rock solid. He has an E-book, “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle” which offers a wide variety of helpful fat burning information, including motivational techniques and helpful ways for people to stay focused on their goals. For further information on Tom Venuto click Click Here!

Here’s to your “fat burning” success.


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