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What has self love got to do with losing weight?

The short answer is – a lot!

Love gives us a respect for ourselves and this shapes the way we treat ourselves. If we love and appreciate ourselves then we have gratitude for the miracle of our body and how wonderfully we are made. If we really love ourselves, then we will take loving care of our bodies, feeding them foods that are nourishing and energy-producing.

When we are lacking in self love, we abuse our bodies by adopting a high fat diet full of refined processed foods and empty carbs that are devoid of real nutrition. Convenience foods are the go. We try fad diets, seeking a quick fix to the years of neglect that have brought us to our current state. It is a lack of self love that allows us to eat erratically, deprive ourselves of sleep and remain highly stressed over long periods of time.

In her book “You can heal your life” Louise Hay contends that THE PROBLEM is rarely the REAL problem. We can waste a lot of energy trying to correct a problem, for example being over weight, which is not the real problem. She refuses to focus on excess weight (the problem), and works instead on self love (the REAL PROBLEM). Berating ourselves for being too heavy, feeling guilty about every bite of food we eat and criticising ourselves constantly for our failures is not self love. Louise Hay contends that “loving the self begins with never, ever criticising ourselves for anything”. Tune into your self talk for a while. How do you speak to yourself? Do you sound like a harsh, critical parent, or do you lovingly encourage and affirm yourself? Imagine if you spoke to a small child the way you speak to yourself – what effect would it have on the child? Would it produce a child who is confident and happy, or one who is convinced he/she will never be good enough?

Try speaking to yourself in love. Try acting towards yourself in love. Real self love is a great motivator. You will want to do the right thing by yourself, because you love yourself enough to believe you are worth it.

Go to a mirror. Look yourself in the eye. Use your name and say “(name) I love and accept you exactly as you are”. Repeat, until you start to act as if it is true.


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