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Abund-danceWhen you diet, you are working against the law of abundance. We were born into an abundant universe. We were designed to operate in abundance. Like most living things, we flourish in times of abundance.

When you diet you are controlling, restricting, limiting, denying yourself. You are trying to restrict the quantity and control the quality of food you eat. You deny yourself all those yummy things you really love. It is a form of starvation. Your body immediately begins to think lack instead of abundance. When we have an abundance of food and feel secure that sufficient food will come to us on a regular basis, there is no need to store extras as fat. However, when we experience lack with respect to food our body goes into fat storage mode to protect us from the possibility of famine.

In the event of famine, storage of fat could make the difference between life and death. However, most of us in the Western world are in no danger of starving. It seems that the opposite is probably true – we eat too much. But it is empty, valueless food. It is refined, processed junk food that fails to meet our nutritional needs. Too much food, but too little nutrition. (See my blog “Overweight but Starving?” for more on this.) So again, we feel lack instead of abundance. Instead of feeling satisfied when we eat we crave more empty calories.

To live in harmony with the law of abundance I suggest you eat more real foods. What I mean by real foods is raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, grass-fed beef, free range chicken and fish. Don’t deprive yourself though. Don’t feel that you have to eat only these foods to the exclusion of all else. That is dieting and will set you up for failure. Instead ADD these real foods to your existing diet. Real food will fill you up and satisfy you. You will be less hungry, and when your body starts to get the nutrition that it requires it won’t crave those empty calories from processed junk foods so much.

That is why I am such a strong advocate of Low GI eating. You can enjoy a good range of foods, but they are good quality foods that will fill you up and satisfy you. You don’t have to measure, weigh or calculate anything, so you are not controlling, restricting, limiting and experiencing lack. You will gradually find yourself eating more real food and less processed food and your body will start to show the benefits. Low GI eating works in harmony with the law of abundance.


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In my blog on chronic fatigue – diet – I talked about the importance of Low GI eating and how cutting out sugars helped. However, all the things I tried put together didn’t give me a turn around to recovery. But there is one thing which did give me a sudden and marked improvement, and that is the addition of glyconutrients to my diet. If you would like to know more about glyconutrients and what they are, I have done a couple of blogs entitled “Sugars that heal? That doesn’t sound right” and “More about glyconutrients”, so I suggest you go have a read of these blogs, as I won’t repeat that information here.

How did I hear about glyconutrients? I was at the point of desperation. I was still working full time, but not really managing to keep up with the house and/or the kids. I had just come to the conclusion that I would have to give up full time work and drop back to part time hours because I knew I wasn’t really coping. I was sharing with a counsellor how hard I was finding life. She knew someone who had recovered from chronic fatigue after taking glyconutrients, and she gave me the contact details. I met with Elizabeth the next day and after hearing her story started taking glyconutrients that night. Elizabeth warned me that my body could initially have a negative reaction as it started to clear itself of toxins and get the immune system working again. She also emphasised that glyconutrients are a food to the body, not a drug. So I was not to expect any “miracle cure” from taking glyconutrients – my body would work through its own healing process in its own time. Since we are all individuals it is hard to predict how someone’s body will respond.

I was delighted to find that my body responded immediately, and positively. The first thing I noticed was that the mental fogginess lifted. You know that feeling you have when you’ve got a cold and your head is all stuffed up – you feel like your head is packed with cotton wool and your brain just won’t function properly.  I had always been an efficient and organised person at work, and I really minded the fact that I could no longer perform well. Within two weeks of starting to take glyconutrients I started to feel more like my old self. At last I could concentrate and remember! What a relief! I didn’t actually get ANY negative reaction from glyconutrients. It was as if my body just loved it and put it immediately to work.

I quickly started to feel less physically tired, but the physical healing has taken place gradually. It was 2004 when I got sick, and my first major milestone in recovery was completing the 53 kilometre “Great Bike Ride” in November 2007. That was something I couldn’t have done BEFORE I got chronic fatigue, but it was my first confirmation that I was really well after having had chronic fatigue, as I could do that amount of exercise without getting the dreadful whammy effect afterwards.

My various achievements since then have included:

* a 567 kilometre “Great Escapade” 9 day bike ride around the south west of Western Australia

* a Mini Triathlon where I came first in my age group (50-55) and 12th overall.

* reducing my time by half an hour when I did the 53 kilometre “Great Bike Ride” in 2008

* coming 8th in my age group in my first ever 4 kilometre fun run.

I can confidently say that I am not only well, but I am better than I have ever been. I am fitter now than I was in my 20s and 30s. I am loving being well and having lots of energy.

I am still taking glyconutrients, along with these other supplements –

  • an antioxidant to protect my body from free radicals;

  • natural plant-based phytosterols to assist with hormonal balance; and

  • a plant sourced multivitamin and mineral supplement that can be easily absorbed by the body.

I highly recommend these products to you.

For more information about these, go to, click on Browse Products, and choose Optimal Health. Scroll down to the Health Solutions Starter sets to get the basic four products I take to enjoy optimal health.

I invite you to contact me on mobile 0418 189 435 or email

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Half Iron Man Triathlon – Busselton

My husband Peter and I went down to Busselton on the weekend to see our friends, Justine and Anthony, compete in their first half iron man traithlon:

Swim Course: 1.9km A one-lap swim in pristine waters alongside the historic Busselton Jetty. The swim starts in waist deep water on the east side of Busselton Jetty, and heads out to sea for 850m then short straight at the top of the course is followed by another right hand turn heading to head back to shore to the swim exit.   Swim conditions were nearly perfect, except for the stingers in the water!!

Bike Course:  90.1km
Three-lap bike course on flat terrain through the Tuart forest and looping back to Busselton.  Bike conditions were excellent.  It was cool in the Tuart forest and there was almost no wind.

Run Course: 21.1km
Along a pathway beside the beach.  This was very picturesque, but quite warm by this time (12.00 – 2.00 pm) and there was no shade and very little cooling breeze coming off the water.  It was a hot run!

Justine and Anthony both performed very well:

  • Justine was 51st in the female 35-39 age group, achieving 32.37 minutes for the swim, 3 hours 12 minutes for the cycle and 2 hours 30 minutes for the run.
  • Anthony was 60th in the 40-44 year old male age group (a very competitive group) and did his swim in 37.43 minutes cycle time was 2 hours 40 minutes and run time was 1 hour 54 minutes.

A fantastic achievement for both of them to finish the event – Justine in 6 hours 24 minutes and Anthony is 5 hours 18 minutes.

I have learnt never to say never, but really I can’t see myself doing one of those any time soon!!!  It was fantastic to be there to watch and cheer them on.  Some pictures appear below.


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