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I think there are a lot of people who would argue with me on that. They think success is something that happens to them, if they are lucky.

Some people consider themselves really unlucky and believe that success will never come to them. People who think of themselves as not being successful usually have plenty of reasons why. Perhaps it’s because …………

* I don’t live in the right location
* It’s a consequence of the way my parents brought me up
* I haven’t received the recognition I deserve
* the opportunities have just not been there for me
* ___________ won’t cooperate with me
* (you fill in the blank)

Just think for a moment – are these really reasons, or are they excuses? Do you know of ANYBODY who has succeeded despite “living in the wrong location”? Anybody who has succeeded despite the way their parents raised them? Anybody who has gone on to succeed despite not having gained recognition for their efforts? So are these things reasons why we can’t be successful, or obstacles to be overcome on the way to success?

What is success anyway? Is it having a certain level of income, having a particular type of car, living in a fantastic house? A lot of people have those things but are not happy.

While success is usually tied to an achievement or a material acquisition, success is not the actual thing, but it is really the FEELING that those things represent. For example, you train hard, you win a race. You put the trophy on the shelf. Every time you look at it, you feel great. Is it the trophy itself that makes you feel great? No, it is the achievement it represents. You look at the trophy, remember what it took to win it and FEEL a success energy.

So if success is a feeling, then success is also a CHOICE. You can choose how you feel. (If you are not convinced of that it is another whole topic that I’m not going into right now.) If success is a feeling you can teach yourself to feel successful every minute of every day. Focus on your successes, build the success energy in your life. Remember that you get more of what you focus on, so more success will come your way.

CHOOSE SUCCESS, don’t wait for it to magically happen to you.

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