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This is Mannatech’s point of difference.  The thing about REAL FOOD technology is that your body was designed to assimilate real food (der…).  Your body was not designed to assimilate rocks.  So when you take minerals in the form of finely ground rocks,  your body does  not recognise it as food and therefore cannot process and assimilate it as food.  So you have to wonder – how much good is it actually doing you?

The patented technology that Mannateh possesses enables it to deliver essential vitamins and minerals as real food – NO chemicals, NO synthetics, just real food.  Independent testing shows that what Mannatech claims is in the product IS actually in the products in the proportions claimed.  Strict quality control ensures it.

The company invests a huge amount of effort and resources into research and development – they spent over US $20 million over the last 5 years.  Mannatech owns and runs its own on-site, state-of-the-art research laboratory at their head office 600 S. Royal Lane, Suite 200, Coppell, Texas which is open to the public, no appointment necessary.  Mannatech welcomes scrutiny of  its products, their laboratories and quality control processes.  Try asking for a tour of the laboratories at another manufacturer of nutritional supplements and see how you go!

Mannatech has successfully met all requirements in the American National Standard for Dietary Supplements, NSF/ANSI 173, and obtained certification for its Ambrotose AO® antioxidant supplement. This verifies that dietary supplement products contain the identity and quantity of ingredients listed on product labels, that the products are free of any undeclared contaminants, as well as comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). The Ambrotose AO® capsules are one of eight Mannatech dietary supplements to earn NSF Certification.

I have posted an image below that I’m sure you will find interesting.  It shows the results of some independent product testing carried out by Covance Laboratories, at Mannatech’s request.

Product Comparison

This data shows the % of actual ingredient, measured against the amount of that ingredient the product claims to have.  Do other products actually contain the ingredients in the amounts specified on their labels?  For non Mannatech products the answer is NO.  In some cases the tests showed the percentage to be as low as 0%.  I found that absolutely staggering!

The Australasian convention at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast in Queensland (16-18 October 2009) gave some great insight into what Mannatech as a company is all about. As Sam Caster said “It is not ‘business as usual’.” People who become involved with Mannantech do so because they can see that there is something more to this company than just a pay cheque. Mannatech associates were referred to as WELLNESS CHAMPIONS. Lives are impacted as people benefit from the products. Lives are changed as the training develops people into business leaders who achieve far more than they ever thought possible. There were many, many personal stories shared throughout the convention along these lines.

And the impact extends globally via Manna Relief – which currently offers hope, health and opportunity to 80,000 children in 80 countries around the world. Sam Caster announced a rebirth for Mannarelief in 2010. Whereas to date Mannarelief has only been supported by Mannatech associates, in 2010 it will be opened up to the wider community. He spoke of an association with Doctors Without Borders, and the surprising revelation that the biggest problem for children in third world countries was not starvation but malnutrition. The majority of the relief food that is distributed has very little nutritional value, leaving children vulnerable to disease. A chewable form of the vitamin and mineral supplement Phytomatrix has been developed. Phytoburst delivers desperately needed nutrition to children for the amazingly low cost of 16 cents per day. Imagine that – just 16 cents. As Sam said, “Your spare change can change the life of a child”.   I’ll pass along more updates about the changes to Mannarelief as they come to hand.


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