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Let me tell you why I’m convinced that DIETS DON’T WORK!

Do you go on a diet and lose weight, only to put it all back on when you return to “normal” eating? Have your weight loss efforts left you feeling discouraged and disappointed? Have you given up on ever achieving the body shape you desire?

The good news is, you didn’t fail – your diet failed you!

Some fad diets give quick, temporary results that make for good marketing, but result in the yo-yo effect in the long term. A friend of mine shared with me that through successful dieting she lost 30 kg last year – which I thought was fantastic, but then she told me that she weighed more at the end of the year than she did at the beginning! That is because she dieted, lost 5 kilos, put it back on, dieted, lost 5 kilos, put more back on, etc throughout the year. My friend had been successful with her diet, but her short term success set her up for long term failure. Yo-yo dieting plays havoc with your metabolism and your health. She didn’t fail – her diet failed her.

Many diets are not sustainable in the long term. If you are on a diet which is very restrictive, you may through willpower and determination stick with it for a period of time, but you are going to feel like you are missing out. Depriving yourself of foods you love only increases your desire for those foods. Worse still, if you focus on a drastically reduced calorie intake you may even feel hungry. If you don’t eat enough food, or don’t eat often enough, your body goes into “starvation mode”. It starts to store all it can and develops fat reserves to see it through the perceived scarcity of food. Again, your diet has failed you.

For these reasons, diets don’t work. They are setting you up for failure. A better strategy is to gradually make changes in the type of foods you choose to eat, replacing unhealthy foods with more supportive, low GI alternatives. I strongly recommend low Gi eating as the way to go. You can enjoy a wide range of foods and it is a way of eating that can be sustained for life. You are never on a diet. You are not deprived. You are not hungry. Imagine never having to go on a diet again!! I talk about Low GI eating in another blog.

Another way that diets fail you is by making you focus on losing WEIGHT. When you diet and lose weight you may be losing excess water, muscle and even bone density rather than losing FAT. In a reduce kilojoule diet, half of the weight lost was fat and half was muscle. This loss of lean muscle mass makes it harder to lose weight and harder to maintain the weight loss you have already achieved. The odds have been stacked against you. Again, your diet has failed you.

I recommend that you focus on FAT REDUCTION. If you are building bone density and building muscle mass then your weight may actually be going up, but your body fat will be reducing. Take your measurements instead. A reduction in size around the waist is proof of a loss of fat – that “spare tyre” is not made up of muscle!  When your clothes start to fit better you feel better! So throw away the scales and take out your tape measure.

If you think a diet is your answer to achieving the body of your dreams, then the diet is bound to fail you. Dieting alone won’t do it. You need to help your body burn fat by revving up your metabolism. Small regular meals throughout the day is one way to boost your metabolism. The most important thing though is to increase the amount of activity you do each day. Adopting a strict diet whilst living the life of a couch potato won’t get you the results you want. You MUST increase your activity. Your goal should be to increase your lean muscle mass, because this helps you to burn more fat.

In summary, don’t diet. Switch to Low GI eating. Don’t try to lose weight, focus on fat reduction. And increase your activity level.

Acknowledge your past efforts and know that you are not a failure – your diets have failed you.

Put yourself on the path to success. Contact me – – I’d love to help you.


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