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Perth’s beautiful Swan River

The Swan River is a feature of the city of Perth, which is rated among the most beautiful cities in the world. The river, which separates the downtown area from its southern suburbs, provides lush vistas. Near the City, the banks of the Swan fan out into a wide, sparkling expanse. Edging it are green playing fields behind which the city skyline is  silhouetted against a sky of clear and brilliant blue. At weekends, this is the scene for yachting action. Sleek crafts criss-cross the ruffled surface of the water, many boasting billowing multi-hued spinnakers.  The river then narrows into the busy port of Fremantle as it makes its way to the Indian Ocean.

The Swan River Trust cares for the Swan and Canning rivers. They work with the community, industry, local and State government to ensure the Swan Canning River System is conserved and managed so its environmental quality is maintained and improved, and people can continue to enjoy it.

The people of Perth are encouraged to access the rivers and use them for a wide variety of recreational pursuits.  This natural asset needs to be protected so that its beauty remains for future generations to enjoy.  The Swan River Trust aims to involve as many people as possible in caring for the Swan Canning Riverpark.   Free 12 month membership of the River Guardians has been extended into 2009 for individuals, families, groups and businesses.  I encourage you to go to and sign up.


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